What if I need help but you're not around?

  • Instant access to my emergency contact details in case I need help
  • Display my medical, behavioural or allergy issues & disabilities
  • Let people know that I might need special assistance

AssistMe helps vulnerable people to stay safe by enabling instant access to their emergency contact details and care requirements in case they need assistance.


We stock a wide range of items to assist in the identification and care of vulnerable people of all ages from keyrings to car stickers.

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We provide the ability for finders of your loved ones to view your contact details, their medical requirements and any behavioural issues by scanning a unique code with a smartphone or tablet.

Easily access information about people under supervision of carers

Who is AssistMe for?

AssistMe aims to help people of all ages, specifically those who are vulnerable or have special needs including medical issues and behavioural concerns that may affect their well-being while under unfamiliar supervision.

We're also here to help for people who may need assistance if they are in unexpected situations such as a road accident or other emergency where they may become incapacitated.


What can AssistMe Do?

AssistMe allows anyone who enters a unique code instant access to details about a vulnerable person - including any medical issues and allergies they have or behavioural traits that they may exhibit while under unfamiliar supervision.

Emergency contact information will also be displayed so that their parent or designated carer can be notified quickly of their whereabouts.

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